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Diploma in Gestalt Psychotherapy


(Essential if you are applying to the professional training courses.)

1. The Introductory courses may also taken by people who do not intend to go on to professional training but as a useful adjunct to what they are already doing or learning

2. The Gestalt therapy professional training is modular and trainees commit to one year at a time. The Humanistic Counselling Diploma is a 2 year commitment. It is possible to take time out between years in the Gestalt programme, but not, except in exceptional circumstances, in the Humanistic Counselling programme. Trainees who have completed the Humanistic Counselling Diploma may transfer to the Gestalt Programme, usually at Module 2 level.

3. All applicants for either professional training programme should be prepared to be in personal counselling/therapy for the time that they are in training. The trainers will have further information on this. Personal therapy is undertaken at a minimum frequency of not less than one session per fortnight.

4. The Centre operates a policy of non-discrimination in relation to race, gender, sexual orientation, age and religion. However it should be pointed out that it is unusual for people under the age of 23 to be offered places on the professional trainings, given the important role of life experience in the formation of counsellor/therapist competence.