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Introductory Courses

The introductory courses are specifically for people wanting to make a start in gestalt therapy. Equally, many people take these courses for other reasons: as a refresher, as an adjunct to other trainings e.g. complementary health, nursing, or because counselling skills are useful in their current work. These courses also act as an introduction to personal growth work and the development of inter-personal skills.


This introductory weekend workshop (Saturday 10.00am -Sunday 4.00pm) is offered several times throughout the year in Devon, Bristol, Swindon and South Wales and is a pre-requisite for entry to the Gestalt Therapy Training Programme. It provides an introduction through experience and reflection to:

  • The practice of awareness in relation to self and others in the here & now
  • The Gestalt approach to dreams
  • The therapeutic use of artwork, movement and bodywork
  • The principal assumptions of the Gestalt approach

The weekend is usually residential, but if necessary it is possible to do this course on a non-residential basis. 

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